Non-Surgical Root Canal

To have a bad tooth ache is not something to play with. When you have tooth ache it is best to see a dentist as fast as possible because it can be something serious. You will have the pain for days and normal remedies do not always take the pain away. When you do see a dentist and they tell you that a root canal needs to be done you will immediately think of the extra pain that you will need to go through but it is not always that bad. Look for a dentist in San Diego, CA to have your root canal done and know that your pain will be of the past.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is performed when a tooth is badly infected or decayed. During such a procedure the nerve and pulp inside the tooth are removed to clean the inside of the tooth. The tooth will be filled after it is cleaned. If you do not get treatment for this problem it can get infected or abscesses can form that can mean more pain. In the center of the tooth is a pulp chamber with pulp that is the soft tissue in the tooth. Within this chamber is the root canal where the tooth’s nerve is. The nerve is not that important after it has emerged through the gums. The nerve is only there to provide cold and hot sensations. The tooth without a nerve does not have a day to day function and you can go without it. The pulp inside the tooth needs to be removed because it can cause bacteria to multiply and spread in the pulp chamber that can cause infection or abscesses.

What are the procedures of a root canal?

First X-rays will be taken of the tooth to see the shape of the root canal and to see if there are any infections to the surrounding bones. Then local anesthesia will be used to numb the areas around the tooth, it is not always necessary but this is done to make the patient more comfortable and relaxed. Then a sheet of rubber, also called a rubber dam, will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry from any saliva. A hole will then be drilled in the tooth where the decayed nerve, pulp, related debris and bacteria will be removed. A set of root canal files with different diameters will then be used to clean out the tooth. The files will be used in hole subsequently down the length of the tooth to scrub and scrape all the sides of the root canal. The debris will be flushed out regularly with sodium hypochlorite or with water. After the tooth is cleaned it must be sealed. Normally a temporary filling will be used on the first visit to make sure that there are no infections. If there is infection the dentist will put in some medicine to take the infection away. On your next visit that will be a week later your teeth will be filled with what is called gutta percha and it contains a rubber compound and a sealer paste. After the tooth is filled with the sealer more restoration needs to be done on the tooth but your dentist will discuss that with you.

What is the success of a root canal and can there be any complications?

To have a root canal treatment have a success rate of 95% and a root canal treatment can last forever. The treatment is so successful because of the extra restoration that is done with a crown or filling. A root canal procedure can be done so that no one will ever know that you had the procedure. Sometimes there are complications but it is very limited. Some of the complications are a crack in the root of the  tooth that were not noticed during the root canal procedure, when the inner sealer breaks down over time and bacteria starts to recontaminate the root canal or defective restoration to the tooth. You can ask your dentist in San Diego, CA about complications and they will tell you everything that you need to know and what to look at when you think that you might have complications.

How to prevent a root canal?

A root canal can be prevented y brushing your teeth twice a day and to keep a healthy oral hygiene. If you play sports wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Make sure that you don’t have too many procedures done on your teeth because it can cause infections and deep decays which are not good for your teeth. Ask your dentist is San Diego, CA how you can keep your teeth healthy.