What do we understand by Arestin?

Arestin is an Rx only dentist prescribed oral powder containing minocycline hydrochloride. It is a product containing antibiotic elements. Arestin is incorporated into glycolide-co-dl-lactide (Poly) or PGLA, bioresorable polymer, which helps in subgingival administration. Every cartridge supplies minocycline hydrochloride equal to 1 milligram of minocycline FB.

The molecular weight of Arestin is 493.94 with the molecular formula of minocycline hydrochloride C23H27N3O7.

Clinical Pharmacology of Arestin:

In terms of microbiology of Arestin, the minocycline present in it, is an antibiotic associate of tetracycline classes, which has a wide spectrum of activity. Arestin exerts antimicrobial activity through protein synthesis and is bacteriostatic. The testing, that is vitro susceptibility, it has revealed that the organisms Fusobacterium nucleatum, Actinobacillus actinomycetemomitans, Eikenella corrodens, Prevotella intermedia, Porphyromonas gingicalis that are related with periodontal disease, are vulnerable to minocycline. The testing also finds that the patients with such ailments are treated with the help of Arestin.

Arestin’s Impact on Patients:

Arestin is used by a lot of people throughout the world. However, it is mandatory to get prescription from a licensed dentist. There are a lot of people who have been using in San Diego, CA. This product is rapidly growing and taking place in households where family members suffer from various inflammation of gums and teeth. So far, the recent studies have revealed that patients who have taken Arestin have seen recovering at indefinable pace. However, after the treatment, patients are advised not to chew hard, or consume sticky foods including hard food products. They are advised to consume soft foods, especially the foods which are tender on their teeth and gums. It has been recommended by many professional dentists that after treatment with Arestin, patients should totally avoid chewing carrots, chewing gum, chocolates, etc. For 10 days after the treatment, patients are advised not to use any cleaning devises, such as interproximal devices. Mild to moderate sensitivity can be expected for about a week after the treatment. When the pain emerges, it is advisable to notify and contact your nearest dentist right away, if you are in San Diego, CA. Also, patients should inform their dentist if rashes appear, when patients find difficulty in breathing, reddening, papules, itching, swelling, and if other related signs occur including the occurrence of symptoms of hypersensitivity.

Arestin’s Dosage and Administration:

Arestin is a product which comes in a dry powder cartridge with a deformable tip. This unit doe cartridge of a deformable tip is then inserted into a cartridge that is equipped with a spring-load handle mechanism in order to administer the dry powder of Arestin.

Local anesthesia is not required during the administration of Arestin. The subgingival administration is carried out by simply inserting the cartridge into the base of periodontal pocket while pressing the thumb ring inside the handle mechanism in order to expel and exert the dry powder. The administration is carried out as the powder is being expelled, while steadily drawing the tip from the base of the pocket. Before the process of administration, it is recommended that the handle mechanism must be sterilized. However, there is no need for the Arestin to be removed since it is bioresorbable.

How is Arestin Supplied?

Arestin Microspheres, 1 milligram, is supplied in the following ways:

  •  One unit dose desiccant in  foil-lamented pouch, heat-sealed— NDC 65976-100-01
  • Twelve unit dose cartridges in one tray with resalable pouch, heat-sealed with two pouches in each box— NDC 65976-100-24.

The storage conditions of Arestin are as follows:

  •  Excursions permitted to 15 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius, which is 59 to 86 Fahrenheit.
  • Arestin must be stored at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius or 68 to 77 Fahrenheit/60% RH.

Is Arestin Necessary?

Many dentists and desntists associations recommend usage of Arestin in San Daego, CA because of many positive reasons, responses and positive reviews from the people who have taken help of Arestin to treat themselves. If you are wondering about hiding your gum disease, then stop hiding. Reveal your problems and visit a dentist. Arestin makes root planning, SRP, and scaling more effective and helpful. You must confront your periodontal (gum) diseases with a trusted antibiotic such as Arestin. It is needed that you improve your gum health by slaying bacteria. Bacteria formation is inevitable but it can be treated once you use antibacterial formula, such as Arestin. Arestin helps in eradication the ever growing gum bacteria