Advanced Technology

robert-takano-ddsDr. Bob uses the latest in dental technology. From drill-less cavity removal to Invisalign, our office employs a variety of dentistry methods to ensure you’re getting the brightest and whitest smile ever. From regular cleanings, check-ups, fillings, to a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers, Dr .Bob with his knowledgeable staff believe that a healthy, confident smile is beautiful. They are committed to assisting patients in discovering the possibilities that can be achieved through modern dentistry.

Dr. Takano chooses carefully which and when digital x-rays or radiographs are taken. Radiographs allow us to see everything we cannot see with our own eyes. They enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyze the health of your bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, as well as assess damage when trauma occurs.   

  • Cavity diagnosis and removal ~ we use “drill-less” dentistry whenever possible
  • Curing or hardening  of bonding materials ~ we use high speed curing lights
  • Whitening teeth ~ we use “Brite-Smile” or “Zoom”  and take- home systems
  • Ultrasonic devises to remove calculus faster
  • Arestin ~ Antibiotics for gum disease
  • Damon Orthodontics or Invisalign ~ to straighten your teeth
  • Diagnodent ~ laser cavity detector
  • State of the art infection control and disposable items
  • High powered loupes ~  high magnification glasses
  • Intraoral Camera ~ very small camera to create clear, precise images of your teeth
  • Mercury-free office
  • IV Sedation and Nitrous Oxide available
  • 3D Digital Screening Panoramic x-ray
  • State of the Art implant systems